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Investigation of Dubuque, IA home completed 4/29/18.

Iowa home and business property owners in Brandon, Cedar Rapids (2), Clarence, Olwein
and Dysart have contacted us recently regarding possible paranormal activity at their locations.

Evidence reveal for our Monticello residential client completed 4/14/18.

Are you experiencing possible paranormal activity in your home or place of business?
(Hearing voices, footsteps or other sounds, seeing shadows/apparitions,
objects moving, or just a feeling of being "watched".)

If you live in eastern Iowa or the nearby area
we will investigate your home or business FREE of charge!

We use state-of-the-art scientific equipment
and a professional, understanding, open-minded approach.

Sometimes there's a big difference between "ghost hunters",
and serious Paranormal Investigators.

With CR Paranormal Investigations, you can be 100% confident
of the competency and integrity of the team entering your home or business.

I encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions to learn what you can expect from us,
and to see if CR Paranormal Investigations (CRPI) is the right fit for your needs.

Also feel free to click the links below to check out the equipment we use in investigations,
and to check out samples of actual paranormal evidence that we've captured.

Stop wondering if you're crazy!

Isn't it time to get answers?

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