CRPI Investigation Evidence

***Updates on the way! Many more uploads coming! Thanks for your patience :)

Here you'll find links to some of the best EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
and spirit box (SB7 and SB11) evidence recorded during our recent investigations.

(I've also added clips from personal sessions at home
and sessions at cemeteries throughout the area.)


USE HEADPHONES while listening to these clips,
so that you can hear everything as clearly as possible!

Some of the voices are soft, or in hoarse whisper form,
so I recommend playing these at 100% volume.

Give each clip several listens to help understand what is being said.
Often, an EVP becomes clearer after hearing it 2-3 times.

What you hear may differ from what I heard, and that's not unusual.
Only the best (Class A) EVP's are easily understood by all listeners.

**Note: The only sections active right now are Cedar Rapids Case 1,
Cemetery Sessions, and the Villsca Axe Murder house section.
Many more uploads coming as soon as possible :)

Cedar Rapids Case 1 Cedar Rapids Case 2 (INACTIVE)
Home Sessions (INACTIVE) Cemetery Sessions
Villisca Axe Murder House

Video evidence

(Link to our YouTube channel!)

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