Villisca Axe Murder House
EVP Clip 11

This EVP is a very important one, in my mind,
if it is saying what I believe it is saying.

It was captured on a digital voice recorder that we had
placed on the bed upstairs in the master bedroom.

We were downstairs conducting a flashlight communication
session, where three flashlights are placed in an area and set so they
are just barely off, so that it's potentially simple for spirits to manipulate
the flashlights into turning on just by going close to them or touching them.

The hope is to establish intelligent communication by letting the
spirits select a "yes" and a "no" light, so that we can get yes/no answers.
The third light is simply a "control", and ideally the spirits will not manipulate it.

Much controversy surrounds the flashlight test, since sometimes the
lights WILL come one by themselves due to natural phenomena.

But I know also that spirits CAN manipulate the lights as well -
since I've sometimes recorded EVP voices at the moment a light
is turned on during a communication session!

This amazing EVP, I believe, validates this for me in a big way.

I believe the spirit here is clearly confirming that he indeed
was responsible for turning on one of our flashlights!!

Spirit claims responsibility for turning on a flashlight

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