Villisca Axe Murder House
EVP Clip 3

This EVP is one of my favorites from the night.

We had left a digital voice recorder on top of a dresser
in the bedroom where Lena and Ina Stillinger were killed.

Nobody from our team was in the house!

We were all in the external building, letting several
voice recorders run for this "static" EVP session.

While we were gone, a clear young child's voice was captured saying
what sounds to me like a very relevant name :)

I've amplifed this clip so you can hear the fainter
adult male voice that speaks right before the child's.
I don't know for sure what he's saying.

Also, immediately after the clear child's voice is a very loud
and aggressive voice that I can't quite decipher.

Child speaks in the Stillinger's room!

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