Villisca Axe Murder House
EVP Clip 4

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic - I have to say that
this EVP capture is one of the most fascinating ones we
- or I, personally -
have ever had the good fortune to capture.

This is another voice recorded during a "static" EVP session,
where we had left several recorders running while we waited
outside of the house in the external building.

The recorder that captured this EVP was on the bed in the master bedroom upstairs.
So, I assume based on the clarity of the voice that it was spoken in the MBR.

First you'll hear two "beep" sounds, which is our EMF "trigger prop" dog
being triggered by something in the adjacent kids' room, which in itself is unexplained.

But then the best part - a clear young female voice speaking a complete sentence
that I believe could be a "residual voice" - a replay of a past moment in the home life.

Young female speaks upstairs!

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